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Turan Metal has been serving 5000m2 closed area in Inegol with technological infrastructure and professional staff in sofa bed mechanisms industry since 1985. Our company is aiming the continuous customer satsifaction and emphasis on quality production. Our company which is on a mission to become a solution partner with over 50 product types at the forefront of the industry.

Rapidly changing needs and expectations, same rapidly researching and producing technical team responds by giving priority to the time.For R&D demands of our work requests which come from you, analyzing industry and over 30 years of experience realizing and come out of the standard product, private producing and R&D. Purchase mechanisms which is brand of Turan Metal; made of high quality materials and painted with electrostatic painting system. Demand in the country as well as abroad, our company which has a range of products, provides added value to the national economy in this sense.

For many years, we provide confidently forward seat in domestic and international market; closely analyzing the technological innovations and talking into the health and safety of workers install production system, research and development-oriented quality production process, with before and after sales customer-oriented compassion business growth with our customers strive to continue expanding.